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When a Spouse Has Alzheimer's

Learning that a spouse has Alzheimer's is a devastating situation with implications both emotional and practical. This personal story published in The Arizona Sun gives important insight into the choices that can make life easier.

When my wife said "I believe that I have Alzheimer's disease" I did what many people do; I went into denial. I told Lynne she couldn’t have Alzheimer's, she was only 50.

Six months later the doctors proved Lynne right. Lynne asked, "What will we do now?" I said I would look after her. She then asked the big one – "To the end?" I replied, "Yes." That was my promise. Those words committed me to the most difficult, yet rewarding 13 years of my life.

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Seniors Helping Seniors® is a good choice for many couples who need help coping with the additional responsibilities that Alzheimer's presents. Our services can be customized, so that the level of care can be increased as the need becomes greater.

Seniors Helping Seniors® of South Metro Denver and Douglas County has been privileged to work with many couples in our community that struggle with the challenges this disease creates. If you need assistance, call 303-990-4561 for in-home care assistance in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties.