Helping Family Members with Dementia

Seniors Helping Seniors® of South Metro Denver is privileged to work with many seniors who have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. We understand how important it is for them to be in familiar surroundings with people whom they are comfortable around.

To strengthen the relationship between a dementia patient and their caregiver, family members can provide a life history, so the caregiver can relate more fully to their client. Provide the caregiver with notes about:

  1. The places and events that highlighted the person’s life and shaped their personality.
  2. The people and relationships that have been most important in their life.
  3. The accomplishments the person most enjoys celebrating.
  4. The activities and places that are most enjoyable to this person, whether they are just memories or things they continue to enjoy.

By allowing a caregiver to get a glimpse of the senior’s life history, meaningful conversations and dialog can take place, providing that level of comfort that is so important.

Learn more about how Seniors Helping Seniors® of South Metro Denver and Douglas County can help a family member struggling with the debilitating effects of dementia. We can provide the memory care they need in the home environment that is familiar to them.