Independent Living: At Home or in a Retirement Community?

Seniors who do not need nursing care have choices. They can remain in their home or move to an independent or assisted living facility.

For many seniors, a retirement community of any kind is a poor choice. Extremely costly, this option also removes the senior from friends, church community, and personal service providers like doctors, dentists, hair stylists and barbers. In addition to the familiarity of home, they lose the friendliness of their neighborhood and community. They may have to give up nearly all of their possessions—including pets and some that that carry sentimental significance—to downsize into a smaller space.

For many seniors, a better option is to simply receive needed assistance in their home from Seniors Helping Seniors®. Independent and assisted living facilities provide some meals—usually at additional cost. Seniors Helping Seniors assists with both grocery shopping and meal preparation. Our senior helpers provide transportation to doctor’s  visits and other appointments and activities. They assist with light housekeeping and yard work. They help ensure that clients are active, engaged, and avoid loneliness. They make it possible for many seniors to continue to live in and enjoy the home and community they love.

You may find helpful this article from the New York Times by a 70-something woman who offers her thoughts on the prospect of her own future housing needs.

Seniors Helping Seniors® of South Metro Denver is happy to talk with seniors and their adult children about this choice. We have worked with many seniors, and we have practical experience satisfying the day to day needs of seniors. We help you compare costs and services, and advise you about some of the criteria you should use in choosing a provider for senior in-home care. Give us a call at 303-990-4561 for a personal consultation.