When Family Members Worry...

Would a “Check-On” Service Provide Peace of Mind?

Seniors Helping Seniors offers a service to check on a senior family member in the South Denver Metro area on a schedule you choose. For some, just a quick phone call is enough to ensure that they are safe and have their day-to-day needs met. For others, Seniors Helping Seniors can do a drop-by visit with a visual check of the general condition of the senior and their surroundings.

If you live at a distance and have a senior family member who seems to hide their true situation, having someone do a face-to-face check offers invaluable peace of mind.

The “check-on” service is also a good way to introduce in-home assistance to a reluctant senior. We find that once the senior is comfortable with our Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers, they actually enjoy having them come by more often or staying longer to offer assistance.

To learn more about this service, give us a call at 303-990-4561. You may find more helpful information here. We want to make sure that every senior in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties is treated with kindness and respect and has the opportunity to remain in their comfortable home as long as possible.