How to Make the Holidays Bright for Loved Ones

Celebrating Christmas or Hanukah is an important way for seniors to feel less isolated and more involved with their families. There are many ways to enjoy the holidays with multi-generational family members. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a winter scene display. Gather figurines of snowmen, trains, dolls, houses and stores, etc. and add bits of greenery decorated to simulate trees. Those celebrating Christmas may enjoy putting together a nativity scene and talking about the roles that each figure played in the birth of Jesus.
  • Make a gingerbread house. There are many kits available that include all the ingredients needed.
  • Experience the fun of learning to cook a traditional food. If your family enjoys specialties of its ethnic heritage, let the older generation teach the younger ones how to make them.
  • Share a Holiday book. There are many children’s books with beautiful illustrations that center around the holiday season. Have the kids read one aloud—or ask an adult family member to read to everyone.
  • Make holiday greeting cards. Cards can be made from scratch or by cutting elements out of old cards and re-arranging them to make something new and unique. Send greeting cards to family members who live at a distance. Or, send them to members of the military to express appreciation for their service.
  • Get out the photo albums. It’s a great way to share memories of holidays past, and the traditions that are special in your family. The younger generation may even learn some of the history of your family.

Seniors Helping Seniors of South Metro Denver wishes everyone Happy Holidays!