Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors

Sightseeing with Seniors

With the holidays soon upon us, many seniors may be planning trips to visit family members at a distance. And, many families may be looking forward to visiting grandparents at their home. At Seniors Helping Seniors®, we work with seniors every day, and have put together these tips for making holiday travel comfortable for seniors.

  1. Take advantage of wheelchair and electric cart services at airports. Even if the senior doesn’t usually use a wheelchair, they may appreciate assistance in traversing the long airport concourses—especially if they are traveling alone. Some airlines may also be able to suggest cabin seating options if the senior suffers from circulation problems. Give them a call.
  2. Make sure you have a conversation to plan activities during the visit, so that both the visitor and the visited enjoy the time together. Movies, shows, and shopping excursions are good choices for multi-generational activities. There may also be museums, art galleries, and parks that would be educational and enjoyable for all. Or, maybe you will find that just spending time at home with games, food, and good conversation is the best way to reconnect.
  3. If the senior is traveling, make sure you know what you can do to make them comfortable and at ease in your home. Do they need special sleeping arrangements? Perhaps they would be more comfortable in a nearby hotel? Do they have any new dietary restrictions? Are there things that are part of their routine at home that can be duplicated during their visit?
  4. If you are a senior who will be hosting small children during the holidays, gather together age-appropriate books and toys to keep them occupied during their visit. If you don’t have a lot of these, ask friends if you could borrow some during the holidays.

With families often spread out across the country, the holidays are an important time to build those strong family bonds. Seniors Helping Seniors of South Metro Denver hopes that you have a wonderful, warm holiday season. Give us a call if you are ready for some in-home senior care this season.