Tips for Seniors Living Alone

Today Americans are living longer following retirement, and many choose to continue to live in the home that they raised their families in. In the latest data from the Federal government, 12.5 million seniors lived alone in 2014.


Safety is a major concern for anyone living alone—but especially for seniors. Here are four easy ways to increase your safety or the safety of a loved one living alone:

  1. Emergency phone numbers. Make sure there are lists of emergency numbers in the home and in purses/wallets. With a mobile phone, these numbers can be programmed in for easy access.
  2. Get to know your neighbors well enough to enlist their help when necessary. Neighbors’ phone numbers should be included on your emergency list.
  3. Motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor lighting outside your home not only could prevent you from falling in the dark, it can alert you if a stranger is lurking near your home.
  4. Rely on Seniors Helping Seniors®. Call 303-990-4561 for help in Douglas or Arapahoe Counties. We offer companionship and assistance with routine household tasks from a senior who is carefully matched to your needs. Our services are customized to your needs and budget.