10 Cadō Cut Ideas for Curly-Haired Ladies

Shoulder Cut

For thicker or denser curls, a shoulder cut frames the face beautifully. Keep it simple without bangs and trim each curl for a defined look.

Bob Cut

Ideal for short hair, a bob cut plays with natural texture to create a power statement. Cut just above the shoulder, it's great for round faces.

Medium Cut With Highlights

To maintain volume, opt for a medium cut with highlights. Use volumizing spray or backcomb the crown area to prevent flatness.

Layered Curls

Layered curls add volume and movement to hair, perfect for medium to long lengths. They create a weightless shape for defined curls.

Long Curls With Fringes

For a playful, girl-next-door look, go for long curls with fringes. Regular trims keep the cut fresh and structured.

Side Parted Short Curls

Show off short curls with a side part, opening up the face and highlighting features. Use a hydrating serum for bouncy, soft curls.

Stacked Curls

Stacked curls create a runway-ready look with graduated layers for full-bodied, voluminous hair. Perfect for long hair.

Basic Center-Parted Curls

Center-parted curls highlight facial features and frame the face. Suitable for any hair length, it’s low-maintenance with the right styling.

Finger Coils

Quick and tool-free, finger coils create thick, dense curls. Apply leave-in conditioner, detangle, and use curl-enhancing cream for best results.

Corkscrew Curls

For an experimental look, try corkscrew curls with a curling wand. Tight ringlets are bouncy and last longer with hairspray.

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