Apple iPhone 16 Pro Major Design Upgrade Coming, New Report Claims

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are rumored to feature the tetraprism lens, bringing uniformity in camera capabilities across models.

Tetraprism Lens Returns

Both models expected to offer a 5x zoom equivalent, potentially bridging the gap seen in previous generations between the Pro and Pro Max variants.

Improved Zoom Capability

Largan, Apple's key lens supplier, remains pivotal in providing advanced camera technology for the new iPhones.

Continued Partnership 

Reports suggest slight size increases for the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, accommodating enhanced camera features like the 5x zoom.

Size Enhancement

Speculations hint at the inclusion of periscope lenses across multiple models, expanding the optical capabilities beyond traditional setups.

Periscope Lens Integration

GSEO anticipated to join as a new supplier, indicating Apple's strategy to diversify and scale up production for premium components.

Supplier Expansion

Apple aims for aesthetic consistency with the tetraprism lens, ensuring seamless integration with existing camera modules.

Design Consistency

Demand for enhanced telephoto capabilities addressed, potentially attracting users who favored the Pro Max solely for its superior zoom.

Consumer Expectations

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