Fully Electric Flying Cars: The Future of Transportation

Key Features and Specifications

The Model A is a fully functional electric car with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, designed for seamless transition between roads and skies.

Driving and Flight Ranges

Designed for versatility, the Model A offers a 200-mile driving range and a 110-mile flight range, catering to diverse commuter needs.

Low Speed Vehicle Classification

Classified as a Low Speed Vehicle with a 25 mph speed limit on roads, ensuring safety and compliance in urban and suburban environments.

Environmental Friendliness

Powered by a fully electric propulsion system, the Model A aligns with global sustainability goals, reducing carbon footprints.

Pre-order and Delivery

Enthusiasts can pre-order the Model A for $300,000, with deliveries scheduled to start by late 2025, making futuristic travel accessible.

Alef Model A Technical Specifications

Detailed technical specifications include a 200-mile driving range, 110-mile flight range, and a maximum payload capacity of 200 lb.

Regulatory Approval

The Model A has received FAA approval for both road and air testing, adhering to strict safety and operational guidelines.

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